AngryHosting Blog

Welcome to the new AngryHosting website!

After about 8 years with our dated, yet familiar website, we felt that it was time for a change. The new site is built upon Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, which allows us to ensure that mobile devices have a pleasant experience navigating our pages as well. Our previous experience developing in Bootstrap for our previously redesigned […]

Upgraded limits on all account types!

We’ve raised the bar again on low-cost domain hosting! All of our hosting plans have received a significant boost in terms of storage, transfer and email accounts. Not only are we looking to stay competitive, we’re out to blast the doors off of the competition. Where else can you find established, redundant, load-balanced domain hosting […]

AngryHosting is growing!

In order to continue providing fast, reliable service to our customers, we have quintupled our server count and added some features that are un-heard of even in expensive hosting solutions. AngryHosting is now spread across ten servers in our new Los Angeles datacenter. Many of the servers are dedicated to doing one job only and […]

Lost file restoration services

AngryHosting has always been committed to protecting your data and have now made individual file / directory / domain / account restorations possible. Rest assured knowing that should you accidentally erase some portion of your website, we’re here to help you restore a recent copy. Fees will be determined on a per-case basis depending on […]

AngryDomains now available!

AngryHosting is proud to announce that we have become a domain reseller! This allows us to provide our clients the best possible prices on domain registrations, transfers, and renewals — even better than GoDaddy themselves! Check us out at AngryDomains!

Tell Your Friends!

We have added a referral system to provide our customers with additional benefits of encouraging their friends and colleagues to sign up with AngryHosting! Customers can obtain free hosting with as few as two referrals per month.

Name Change

f0e Networks has a new name — AngryHosting! We feel it reflects our own and our customers’ anger over the inflated prices of our competitors, and it’s easier to remember too! Expect some site changes to reflect the new name in the near future!