About Us

AngryHosting was created in April 2001 to service individuals and businesses in need of inexpensive, reliable and friendly domain hosting.

To better support its customers, AngryHosting has been constantly growing and adding more features and options to our service packages. Our goal is to become the most value for your hosting dollar.

We offer a wide range of services tailored to fit the needs of individuals, hobbists, small and large business alike. We treat every customer with the utmost in respect and care. Our customers are not just another username on our servers.

AngryHosting takes care in ensuring that your data is protected by constantly reviewing our security practices and by ensuring every server application we run is the latest stable release. Software developers are constantly improving their software by adding useful features and bugfixes and we feel that our customers deserve to have the piece of mind that their host is on top of the game. AngryHosting utilizes enterprise server hardware from SuperMicro and Dell for all customer-facing applications. Our servers use the latest stable release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is kept up to date on a regular basis. Enterprise Cisco and Brocade switches provide network connectivity for our equipment, and Citrix handles layer 4 load balancing and high availability. Please view our Network Status page to check the availability of our servers and related services.

We currently have six powerful dual AMD Opteron six-core (twelve cores per server -- 72 total CPU cores) serving our customer's data. Each server has a minimum of 64GB of RAM as well as a RAID6 storage array for performance and data protection. All equipment has as much redundancy as possible to provide a highly-available service.

Backups of all customer data are taken at least every 72 hours and stored on separate, dedicated hardware. We test these snapshots on a regular basis to ensure readiness of the system in the event that it is needed.