AngryHosting is growing!

In order to continue providing fast, reliable service to our customers, we have quintupled our server count and added some features that are un-heard of even in expensive hosting solutions. AngryHosting is now spread across ten servers in our new Los Angeles datacenter. Many of the servers are dedicated to doing one job only and doing it extremely well. For example: four servers are dedicated to handling incoming/outgoing mail as well as DNS; two servers are dedicated to handling only web traffic — all websites are now load-balanced across the web-servers at no additional cost! This helps ensure that your site is available even if we lose a server for whatever reason. All main servers have dual power supplies on separate power circuits and are inter-connected via gigabit ethernet.

The new SQL server has six Ultra320 15,000 RPM SCSI drives in a striped and mirrored RAID 1/0 setup. This as well as 4GB of RAM and dual Xeon 64-bit CPUs make even the most complex SQL queries a piece of cake.

Our NAS server is overbuilt as well with four 300GB SATA-II disks on a dedicated 4-channel PCI-X RAID card and 128MB of cache. It also is powered by dual Xeon 64-bit CPUs.

Web traffic is handled by a pair of 64-bit AMD Opteron servers; each with 2GB of RAM. We can easily and quickly deploy more servers when load requires it.

Our load-balancer is a dedicated Nortel Networks device which can handle more than 25,000 requests per second. Requests go through the load balancer and the load balancer intelligently routes the connection to the server best suited to handle it as determined by various rule-sets: least-connections, round-robin, etc.

As you can see, we’re very excited about our new setup and are pleased with the migration overall. Keep checking back here for updates on new features and such! We plan on reviewing our current plan structure very soon and will probably give all the accounts a little boost. >:)