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Enable SSL for your domains easily through the control panel!

We’ve added functionality to enable SSL for your domains (and even sub-domains) quickly and easily through the control panel. We support both Let’s Encrypt certificates as well as uploading of your own certificate and key.┬áThis process uses the TLS extension for Server Name Indication (SNI) which allows us to host many┬áSSL-encrypted sites on a single […]

Free SSL for ALL!

Thanks to the wonders of wildcard SSL certificates, all sub-domains now have SSL capabilities! If you need SSL, but don’t need to have your own domain, you can utilize this sub-domain to keep your content and transmissions secure.

New web-log analysis software and more!

While our old log analysis software reports were functional, they lacked style and customisability. We’ve been researching various analysis software for a while and have come up with AWStats as a replacement for the defunct Webalizer which hasn’t seen any updates in over 5 years. The new reports look better, are faster, and arguably show […]

Domains Now Optional!

Thanks to increasing requests, AngryHosting now offers hosting options for customers who do not desire to go through the hassle of registering a domain name of their own. We can now create a sub-domain for you if you need basic hosting for your images and other files.