Small updates to email servers.

We’ve rolled out a new SSL certificate for, replacing the old self-signed certificate, enabled SMTP AUTH, and enabled the submission port all in one go!

The old certificate worked fine for receiving your email through an encrypted session, but would cause your email client to complain that it isn’t a valid certificate. We’ve purchased and installed a fully legitimate SSL certificate for and now you can use SSL to check your POP/IMAP email boxes without the warnings.

Thanks to this new certificate, we are also able to enable TLS (SSL) for SMTP. This allows you to encrypt your outgoing emails from your client to our servers — very useful for public wifi locations or other networks you don’t trust. However, it doesn’t guarantee that email from our servers to the destination will be encrypted as that is only possible if the destination supports it as well.

To make better use of TLS, we’ve also enabled SMTP AUTH. This allows you to pass your username / password (encrypted) to the mailserver to authenticate you and allow you to send emails through our servers more easily than ever. The pop-before-smtp authentication mechanism will still continue to work, however.

Finally, we’ve opened up a new port to send email through. We now accept connections on port 587 for outgoing email. If you are using an ISP that blocks outgoing SMTP on port 25, this should work great for you.

All these changes together make using wireless devices for sending and receiving your email (such as the iPhone) a much smoother experience.