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AngryDomains now available!

AngryHosting is proud to announce that we have become a domain reseller! This allows us to provide our clients the best possible prices on domain registrations, transfers, and renewals — even better than GoDaddy themselves! Check us out at AngryDomains!

Just in time for Christmas…

AngryHosting is proud to announce that Gallery 2, phpBB2, and WordPress are now available for automated installation! Gallery 2 is the next-generation of photo album management, phpBB2 provides a robust bulletin board system, and WordPress is a state-of-the-art personal publishing platform (blog). We plan on adding a content management system package in the near future. […]

PHP 5 Available Now!

AngryHosting has been watching PHP 5 mature for many years and after much testing and tuning, we are proud to announce that PHP 5.1.1 is now powering your PHP applications!

Automated software package installation!

AngryHosting now offers automated software installation for your domains! We take the headache out of installing and setting up various popular web software. We currently have the popular photo gallery software, Gallery, available for automated installation. Want to see your favorite web application available as well? Send us your suggestions!

Server Upgrade Complete!

AngryHosting just got angrier! We are now backed by a pair of dual Intel P4 Xeon servers with tons of RAM and disk in each! These new servers offer plenty of room for growth and will keep your sites quick and responsive for a long time to come.

Domains Now Optional!

Thanks to increasing requests, AngryHosting now offers hosting options for customers who do not desire to go through the hassle of registering a domain name of their own. We can now create a sub-domain for you if you need basic hosting for your images and other files.

Virtual FTP Support Added

AngryHosting has added Virtual FTP support to several of our accounts. This will provide a means for you to add additional ‘virtual’ users which can log in via FTP and update content in a directory that you supply.

Tell Your Friends!

We have added a referral system to provide our customers with additional benefits of encouraging their friends and colleagues to sign up with AngryHosting! Customers can obtain free hosting with as few as two referrals per month.

Email Auto Responder

We have added an intelligent email auto responder / vacation notice system! This will allow you to easily alert your clients and customers that you will be unable to respond to their inquiry while you are on vacation or out of town.

Now Accepting Credit Cards

AngryHosting now accepts Credit Cards online! Users can now pay their hosting bills fast, conveniently and securely; all without ever having to leave our site. Several systems are in place to ensure your privacy and protect you from fraud and identity theft. We are looking forward to being the best value for your hosting dollar!